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Nothing gets me HYPED like mounds of confetti. If you’re looking for a unqiue experience at your wedding, something to surprise and wow your guest, nothing will do it like confetti will.
Here is everything you need to know about having confetti at your wedding:

1. First thing’s first, check with your venue!

Before you fall head over heels, madly in love with the idea of having confetti at your wedding, you gotta check with your venue. Some venues don’t allow confetti at all, while others may be okay with it if it’s used in your photobooth area, or if it’s flower petals or biodegradable! Every venue is different and has different rules, so be sure to check in with them!

2. Respect mother nature, yo.

If you are having an outside event, your best option is going to be biodegradable confetti or dried flower petals! Regular confetti is a total no-go for outside events, because the wind will pick it up and take it all over the place. Confetti is cool, but littering isn’t soooooooo…. don’t.

When is the best time to confetti?

The only right answer to this questions is ALL THE TIME!
Here are a few parts of a wedding day that confetti is absolutely acceptable:

-Immediately after your ceremony once you’ve been pronounced married and you’re walking down the asile, give your guests confetti poppers or handfulls of confetti to throw in the air as you walk out together!
-During your reception, pick one of your favorite songs (one that you KNOW all your people will get on the dance floor for) and surprise them with a shower of confetti! Their reactions will be priceless. (Make sure you let your photographer in on this secret so they can capture everyone’s reactions!)
-In your photobooth, duh.
-At the end of the night for your grand exit!

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What kind of confetti is best for photos!?

We recommend bigger pieces of confetti (easier for clean up, and shows up big and bold in photos!) and as far as color goes, it’s all personal preference! Gold is always a good go-to, as well as rainbow confetti!
If you’re using confetti in your photobooth, I would recommend taking into consideration what color your photobooth backdrop is.

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Fly, baby, fly!

There are a million ways to get the good stuff air-born, but you just gotta decide what makes the most sense for you!
If you are using confetti for a grand exit, I would suggest confetti poppers. It will make sure you get a nice even spread of confetti!
For photobooths we really just recommend letting your guests get involved and throwing it around themselves! They’ll have so much fun with it.
You can also have your photobooth attendant help you with confetti distribution and throwing it for your guests!

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If your venue gives you a no-go on confetti and you can’t shake the confetti-shaped hole in your heart, I highly recommend looking into these streamer poppers!
Once popped, the streamers stay connected to the poppers so there is NO MESS and no clean up. Each person just roles their streamer back around their popper and vwa-la!

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